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    Becky a 29 year old Brit , living in Bristol , United Kingdom

    Living in a studio flat in the centre of the city and working from home means I have one room in which I rest ,work and play . Kept company by my vegebox , laptop and a stack of recipe books . I love to cook with seasonal fresh and sometimes wild ingredients from my escapes to the countryside

    If you like what you see , have some suggestions please send me an email at girlinterruptedeating@gmail.com or leave a comment on my blog
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Creamy Herbed Lentils

Creamy Herbed Lentils

Further food from cooking for my mum , I served these creamy herbed lentils with trout baked in the oven .

Continental Lentils

I love these lentils they just look like beautiful little stones , called Puy , french or continental lentils , they cook in just 20 minutes . Fantastic in tomato sauce with with spaghetti or lasagne , they keep a nutty crunchiness.

Tarragon and Thyme

Fresh herbs just cannot be beaten , especially when you find a lovely bunch of tarragon was reduced to just 20p . Either thyme or tarragon leaves mixed with a little oil and vinegar tossed over mixed beans is the taste of summer and a lovely accompaniment for fish or meat or simply eaten from a bowl with bread as a scoop

Creamy Herbed Lentils

200g of continental lentils
Dash of white wine
1tsp vegetable bullion stock powder
1tsp of dijon mustard
Handful of fresh herbs ( thyme and tarragon) stalks removed but not chopped .
2 tbsp of low fat soft cheese
Salt and Pepper to season

  1. Simmer the lentils until soft in water with the stock
  2. Drain the lentils and mix through the soft cheese , mustard and white wine .
  3. Finally stir in the herbs
  4. Season with salt and pepper
  5. Serve warm but these re-heat well too. ta

More Puy/French Lentil Recipes

Vodka Marinated Salmon and Beetroot Chutney Canape

Vodka Marinated Salmon and Beetroot Chutney Canape

Cooking dinner for my mum last night , no boyfreind and no stepdad a Girls Night in , these were starters /canapes assembled quickly eaten with some delicious white wine and a proper catch up .

I love the combination of beetroot and salmon ( used last in my Valentines dinner )I think these look fantastic there is a bit of preparation but easy to assemble.

Vodka Marinated Salmon and Beetroot Chutney Canape

Vodka Marinated Salmon

10ml of vodka
1 tbsp of brown sugar
200g of smoked salmon

  1. Mix together the vodka and brown sugar and pour over the salmon
  2. Leave for a few hours or overnight if you have it

Beetroot Chutney

1 medium beetroot – cooked til softened
10ml of balsamic vinegar
1tsp of crushed dried red chilli
1tsp of olive oil

  1. Finely chop the beetroot
  2. Mix the beetroot with the vinegar , chilli and oil
  3. Leave to marinade together for a few hours

Assembling the canapes.

  1. Cut the pumpernickle bread into sixth
  2. Smear with soft cheese and a teaspoon of the beetroot chutney
  3. Layer over a piece of smoked salmon

Other beetroot recipes

Marinated Beetroot
Falafel with beetroot and carrot salad

Can you smell fish …. in Whitby ?

Kippers at Whitby

Whitby on the coastal edge of the North Yorkshire Moors is a place I  visited as a child and after nixing the camping plans a few weeks ago with snow and frost coming in the long bank holiday saw another National Park of the list.

Quite often by the seaside now you don’t get a lot of fish , Whitby is a happy exception , kippers –  smoked herrings abound . Top of the list though – Fortunes Kippers established in 1872 , brothers Derek and Barry are the fifth generation of their
family to run the business.  Fortune’s still follow
tried-and-tested smoking methods which date back to when the
business began.  First the herrings are cleaned, split and
brined for 40 minutes before entering the smokehouse where they
hang over a fire of oak chipping until gold in colour . Just £3  for two large kippers  wrapped in newspaper.   , We had to battle through hailstorms up the hill to get these kippers but they were worth it   beautifully golden orange flesh and a skin I want to make shoes from . We gently  warmed the under the grill for a few minutes they make a lovely breakfast with a little bread & butter .


More piscine goodness from  a tub of Whelks these little mollusc are pure muscle so not to everyones taste but for me that taste like pure sea

Whitby Fish and Chips

Lunch one day  fish and chips from the Magpie Cafe , people queue for hours to get in &  everyone raves about it , food  not suitable for vegetarians deep fried in beef dripping. However  got takeaway fish chips and mushy peas eaten on the quayside incredibly tasty , crunchy spikey batter on the fish and crispy chips .

Oysters in Whitby

In case I had not had enough fish we picked up some huge Oysters , the hardest I have ever opened but huge….here is a new bowl bought from the Whitby Pottery ( got egg cups too )

Burning off the food with a cold walk along the Yorkshire costal path toward Robins Hoods Bay .

Whitby Abbey with the snow over the moors

Food Blogging Event London 2008 – Part Two – Borough Market and Roast

Olives at Borough Market

The second day  of the Nokia International Food Blogging Event , I have to confess to forgoing breakfast in the hotel . Still full from yesterday , arriving with the group at Borough Market we were all immediately distracted by Neals Yard Dairy who could not be attracted to a man standing amid wheels of stilton and offering you a taste . I  also enjoyed a bit of rubbernecking watching Oliver Rowe filming Market Kitchen ( I totally mistook him for Tom Parker Bowles – its the public schoolboy looks )

Neals Yard

Eventually all the bloggers were dragged out of Neals Yard Dairy,  the excellent cheese shop and we began a gastro-tour with the effervescent Celia Brooks Brown  who  has been doing these tours for a  number of years and is an expert in vegetarian cookery  . Celia is able to give you a fantastic history of the market , its development  staggering  amounts of food knowledge  all  the  stall holders put on a good show with tastings.

Celia Brooks Brown

Here is Celia blowing my mind with the news that carrots are not really orange,  but grown that way by  patriotic Dutch growers who bred the vegetable to make it less bitter than the yellow varieties, and then it was adopted it as the Royal vegetable in honour of the House of Orange  in the 16th Century .Actually we then had some heritage carrots in yellow white and purple for lunch

The market itself is heaven and I was heartened to know from the other international bloggers it competes if not surpasses even continental markets  , I tried to be smug but  did have to explain it is not the same in many parts of the United Kingdom though there is a resurgence of farmers markets . Borough itself is open Thursday- Sunday from

Highlights for me the following

Mushroom stall at Borough MarketMushroom stall at Borough MarketMushroom stall at Borough Market

This vegetable stall , packed with mushrooms of every description imported this time of year cultivated from the U.S , I was wondering if we could do the same here for year round gourmet fungi – sure they wouldn’t taste quite like those in the wild . Seeing the morels reminded me of course it is shortly their  season an  ever illusive fungi for me . Plenty of other  vegetables on the stall ,  I have never seen to track down and experiment with all . Happiness itself for me that the vegetables are displayed as they should be in piles without ten tonnes of packaging ( Moan over )


  • Shellseekers a stall selling for fresh dived scallops and other fish from the South Coast , the owners spend half the week fishing/diving and the other half up at  Borough selling their produce  . The other fish stall I note was Whitby- based and I was heading up there for the weekend. I though I would save buying any  fish and having it sit  through lunch and a two hour train journey.
  • Rare Breeds Meat at Borough Market

  • Northfield Farm –  fantastic rare breads meat stall , where I stocked up on Jacob Sheep Lamb steaks for the weekend.Easter weekend it has to be lamb  and Jacob is my little brothers name  .  We also tasted pork and beef could have eaten a whole tray

    England Preserves

  • England Preserves – Stunning Preserves stall and suitably graphic designy display – you could feel the vectors at work  – my committment this year will be to make preserves in the meantine these were perfection, Bought picalli , quince jelly , and two chutneys
  • A stall selling a massive range of game and other meats where I bought a Wild Duck , a  Patridge , tiny bullet black puddings
  • Brindisa – Spanish Foods – I feel bad for stocking up on spanish produce in a english market , but I find it impossible to find fresh chorizo at home and wanted Nick to try Spanish black pudding. Also safrron and paprika but mostly because the tins were so pretty.
  • Vinegars at Borough Market
  • Olive Oil and Vinegar stall , I bought Olive Oil and White Balsamic vinegar , like a taste explosion in my mouth . The balsamic vinegar seduced me into spending £13 on a bottle and now waiting a few months for strawberries to be in season for strawberries and black pepper salad
  • Sea Salt at Borough Market

  • Sea Salt Stall – french sea salt seasoned with herbs or spices . This is acceptable “Cheats” food for seasoning meet etc. taking a small bag camping saves a lot of space.
  • I finished up  Neils Yard Dairy for Stinking Bishop Cheese from close to my home  and Nottinghamshire Stilton ( close the the boyfreinds home )  for the Bank Holiday  weekend

    I am certain there is lots I missed , I was highly overexcited but I promise recipes using Borough ingredients soon plenty .

    Walking aound the market our tour guide bumped into Lawrence Keough the chef at the restaurant where we would be eating lunch Roast which sits above the Market is owned by Iqbal Wahhab ( founder of the Cinamon Club ) who popped over at lunch to say hi . And here endeth the name dropping .  Roast uses many ingredients from the Market especially  the fresh vegetables for seasonal British Cuisine

    Warms Ducks Liver and Bacon Salad with Chicory and Mustard Dressing

    I ate Warm duck liver and bacon  salad with chicory bacon and grain mustard  ,Nine times our of ten I order a warm salad , I just like the word warm salad .. its onomatopeaic warm like a hug that salad the sticatto spikiness. This did not disappoint very tasty with tonnes of duck liver salty bacon and a peppery dressing

    Baked Celeriac with wild mushroomsPea Shoots served with the Baked Celeriac with wild mushrooms

    For my main I had baked celeriac – one of my favourite vegetables , it came as half a whole celeriac roasted half the size of a football ,which I think was halved baked the  the centre scooped out and mixed with butter seasoning and maybe some cheese, it was topped with a poached egg , served with pea shoots and wild mushrooms  . Only time I have ever not finished a restaurant meal it tasted lovely and is probably a recipe I will be borrowing with a smaller celeriac .

    Lugging a tonne of purchases, I had managed the forsight to take a large number of cotton shopping bags  and with a train to catch up North apologies to anyone who shared the tube/train carriages with me and my smell cheese and slightly leaking pheasant. I had a happy journey gently craddling my purchases to begin a Bank Holiday weekend in another foodie pilgramage site Whitby, Yorkshire .

    For now bye bye Borough , promise to be back soon

    See also Foodblogging Event London 2008 – Part One
    Girl Interrupted Eating Gets Mobile

    Borough Market and Roast

    Foodblogging Event London 2008 – Part One

    I have just indulged in a truly bizarre experience  on Monday I opened my email to find a last minute invitation from Nokia to participate in a 2 day workshop for international food bloggers in London . With an itinerary  featuring London  restaurants and a tour of Borough Market,  I confess the true draw was the chance to spend time with people as  as obsessed with food and food blogging as I am . My boyfriend is consummately understanding waiting patiently as his dinner cools and happily explaineing to worried restaurant owners and deli managers I am just a strange obsessive. However some of these people follow my compulsion for professional reasons and it was too good an opportunity to pass off     I begged two days off work ( thank you thank you ) and packed my bag & camera .

    Foodbloggers and their tools

    Meeting  in the morning we introduced ourselves to eachother and our new Nokia 95s most people had had theirs to play with a few days so were more competent I was moe gobsmacked to be surrounded by other people who were busy taking pictures of the muffins on the table , they were

    Laollasuiza  a Swiss writing from Spain   http://laollasuiza.blogspot.com/  and http://kochtopf.twoday.net/
    Mercotte  from France the queen of macaroons  
    Just Hungry from Switzerland
    a english language food blog about  Japanese food    http://www.justhungry.com/
    Milsabores from Venezuela la
    Maria Luisa Rios with a spanish language blog    http://www.milsabores.net/
    Cooking Diva from Panama another spanish language blog        http://CookingDiva.net
    Cavoletto Bruxelles , a  belgian living in Rome , Italy   http://www.cavolettodibruxelles.it

    We all discussed the joy of blogging about food , recipes and how we all got started. How anonmyous we like to keep our blogs ,then there was a little geekery around tools mac VS pc , SLR etc . I think we all agreed that the new technology will really help , certainly it might be less embarassing getting out my mobile phone to take a picture of dinner in a restaurant ( and will satistfy the perfectionist in my because 5mp is definitely high enough quality for the blog ) the GPS on the phone should help with tagging the locations of those edible fungi ( which with my bizarre sense of direction will be a massive help ) . I am going to do a lot of comparisons over the next few months so may let readers be the judge .

    However this is a  food blog so back to the food Lunch at The Larder which has a seasonal menu had swordfish with anchovy butter purple sprouting broccoli and new for the venezuealn bloggers Jeurusalem Artichokes a big hit across the language barrier. I am going to try and send some seeds and see how they do in foreign climates. Totally lovely and relaxed atmosphere

    The LarderSwordfish with Anchovy Butter and Roasted Jerusalen Artichokes

    After lunch we were thorough tested in our culinary knowledge by Sudi “The Foodie ” Piggott with a food quiz, who taught me a scary number of inane facts I can drop into daily conversation/ this blog  for example the people who built the pyramids ate rich diet of watercress ( just like me and my wild foraging )

    Joe Warwick Restaurant gossip columnist for the Independent gave us a  fantastic insight guide to London restaurants probably a number worth keeping in my phone .

    In the evening we all met again for a lovely dinner at Northbank  right by the Millenium Bridge

    Warm Salad of Guinea Fowl and FigSalmon with Fennel and Chive Salad

    I had a warm salad of Guinea Fowl and Figs again much joy trying to explain what a Guinea Fowl was but could show this recipe from my blog on my phone … such geekery, afterwards Salmon with Fennel and Chive Salad , lovely and light since dare I say it I was beggining to get fooded out !

    Back to the hotel and more later on Borough Market and Roast …… or as it shall henceforth be known heaven………..

    More at  Girl Interrupted Eating Gets Mobile

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    Girl Interrupted Eating Gets Mobile

    Blog on a phone

    Sorry for the gap in posting , I have been in London for two days  meeting up with international foodbloggers to learn more about using mobile technology to support blogging organized by  Nokia . It feels like the technology has finally got to a great place , I am particularly excited about the geo-tagging for wild food finds and with a 5mega-pixel camera and Carl Zeiss lens there are some fun times ahread  We have had a packed few days eating , drinking and food shopping and I will post much more later

    In the meantime here are the foodbloggers some might require some translation but they were all highly knowlegeable and each has taught me something

    Laollasuiza  a Swiss writing from Spain   http://laollasuiza.blogspot.com/
    and http://kochtopf.twoday.net/
    Mercotte  from France the queen of macaroons  
    Just Hungry from Switzerland
    a english language food blog about  Japanese food    http://www.justhungry.com/
    Milsabores from Venezuela la
    Maria Luisa Rios with a spanish language blog    http://www.milsabores.net/
    Cooking Diva from Panama another spanish language blog        http://CookingDiva.net
    Cavoletto Bruxelles , a  belgian living in Rome , Italy   http://www.cavolettodibruxelles.it

    Celia Brooks Brown at Borough Market

    Food bloggers on a tour of Borough Market with the lovely Celia Brooks Brown who was very patient with our obsessive photography .

    Off to Whitby for a few days now …..back soon

    Read more   Foodblogging Event London 2008 – Part One

    Leek, Pea and Feta Fritatta

    Leek Pea and Feta Fritatta

    Long long days and 3/4hr  wait on a very cold train platform got home a little grumpy with ingredients for some easter cup cakes but also needing something to eat for dinner

    Heading off for the bank holiday weekend so eating down the vegetable stocks which meant a big pile of leeks and carrots . The carrots are going into carrot cupcakes a “healthy” treat for my step-neice who is being babysat by my mum and stepdad this weekend . However the need to also use the additional eggs not on cupcake duty just screamed posh omlette – fritatta -even the word makes me smile .

    Leek Pea and Feta Fritatta

    The leeks combined with some frozen peas and feta cheese make a lovely fritatta ( have made Courgette Fritatta  which is really lovely too ) on this coldest of days it just looked so summery . Feirceness of leek sweet popping peas and the saltiness of the feta which only seems to improve when warm.

    Leek Pea and Feta Fritatta

    Leek , Pea and Feta Fritatta

    3 medium leeks – roughly chopped
    3 sprigs of thyme
    1 cup of frozen peas
    20g of feta  – cubed
    cube of butter
    4 eggs – well beaten

    In a oven proof frying pan sweat the leeks with the butter til softening
    Toss over the peas and feta
    Pour over the eggs salt and pepper
    Place the frying pan  under a medium grill for approx 3 minutes keeping a eye until the egg is set and gently browned
    Serve with salad with a tangy dressing (white wine vinegar, wholegrain mustard , honey )

    Leek Pea and Feta Fritatta

    Wild Garlic and Wild Watercress


    It feels like spring is just around the corner with an early Easter we are heading back up to Yorkshire, the  site of many a happy childhood holiday  and where I first introduced Nick to the joys of wild garlic  this prolific wild herb is beginning to send up its first tender leaves  and  coming soon to a woodland near you making a stroll in the woods smell like a visit to the local pizzeria .

      This weekend we also found  wild growing watercress amazingly near a site called Cressbrook in the Peak District . If you are harvesting it yourself be sure to wash it well.


    I am never happier than when foraging  and cooking with the results by myself the watecress and garlic would probably have been fine as a salad but it was Saturday night and we had scored some lovely mature steaks and as ever trying to get through the vegebox potato mountain  so made a warm potato salad with the wild garlic and let the peppery watercress speak for itself on the side.

    Wild Garlic and Wild Watercress with Steak

    Warm Potato and Wild Garlic Salad

    10 potatoes freshly boiled
    15 wild garlic leaves torn into strips

    Dressing this looks like a lot but the potatoes will really suck it up
    3 heaped tbps honey
    1tbps of mustard
    10ml vinegar
    10ml olive oil

    Mix together the dressing with the torn garlic leaves
    After draining the freshly boiled potatoes toss while still piping hot in the dressing and garlic leaves and serve . If you use cut potatoes they will suck up more of the dressing

    I have also used wild garlic to make a pesto fantastic in soups , on pasta or potatoes

    Wild Garlic Pesto

    Finely chopped wild garlic leaves with olive oil, walnuts & roasted lemon ( I half lemons and drizzle them with olive oil baking in the oven on a medium temperature for 30 minutes and then keep them in the fridge covered in oil for up to a few weeks – roasting intensifies and mellows the flavour)

    Wild Garlic Pesto

    Spinach Soup with Wild Garlic Pesto

    Spinach and Wild Garlic Pesto Soup

    Cauliflower Spinach and Tahini Salad

    Cauliflower Spinach Tahini Salad

    I was thinking about Cauliflower cheese for dinner tonight but there was a abg of spinach begging to be used and some lavash ( flatbread) left over from the weekend

    Cauliflower Spinach and Tahini Salad

    Half a medium cauliflower
    Few handfuls of spinach
    1 tsp Tahini ( sesame seed paste)
    One fresh lemon – juice
    Pinch Dried Chilli

    1. Simmer   half a medium cauliflower until cooked a little al-dente
    2. Mix together tahini  ,chilli ,  juice of the lemon , for some reason this thickens the tahini so you may wish to add a little water.
    3. Pour the tahini mix over the still warm cauliflower
    4. Add the  spinach
    5. Serve with toasted flatbread

    Other cauliflower recipes