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    Becky a 29 year old Brit , living in Bristol , United Kingdom

    Living in a studio flat in the centre of the city and working from home means I have one room in which I rest ,work and play . Kept company by my vegebox , laptop and a stack of recipe books . I love to cook with seasonal fresh and sometimes wild ingredients from my escapes to the countryside

    If you like what you see , have some suggestions please send me an email at girlinterruptedeating@gmail.com or leave a comment on my blog
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I hate roses …except the wild ones – Rosehip Syrup

I always have and I know where it comes from …my Gran on my dads side had this horrible “garden” that was all concrete and planters with mean thick stemed huge petalled roses.

My grandpa had the other half of the garden it was a huge allotment and he grew every vegetable imaginable , I especially remember feeding the runner beans through the special slicer cranking the handle. Cruelly through some undetermined health issue he was on a very strict diet that meant he could only bland food ( sort of white sauce and fish stuff and no vegetables ) …he had been on the diet for 15 years …. it later transpired that this diet should only have lasted 6 months….but being good old people they failed ever to recheck with the doctor.

But I digress from the dismal rose garden , it was very depressing we visited mostly in summer and being near the sea it was painfully hot reflecting of the white concrete , however you were not allowed to kick a ball or play lest you knock the petal off a rose .

The best time I remember was when a storm was expected we were allowed to go round and snip of all the rose heads filling jars with them.

I really don’t like the smell of roses however its kind of heady and sick making and I think smelle strangly reminiscent of the rotting bird my cats used to bring in

Rosehip Syrup

Wild roses are different though … and this autumn has been great since I discovered rosehip syrup above & a recipe from Nature Adrift . Recipe available on my blog from Wet Walking and Apples

Rosehip Syrup

It makes a lovely apple tart with some scrumped apples recipe available by following this link

Apple Tart with Rosehip Syrup

Ice Cream with Rosehip Syrup and Cardammon

Vanilla Ice Cream with Toasted Cardamon seeds and Rosehip Syrup

Pure simplicity on ice cream with cardamon seeds

Duck Legs with Rosehip Syrup
Duck Legs Roasted with Rosehip and Chillis

  • But the syrup work brilliant in a savoury form with extra rosehips on duck legs
  • Mash some rosehips and mix with chopped dried chillis, rock salt , a skim of brown sugar ,a touch of garlic ,some olive oil . rub over the duck legs
  • Roast at 150 deg with extra whole rosehips in the pan…. for 40 minutes basting regularly …. you can throw some RoseHip Syrup over in the last ten minutes….
  • if you are able to leave this in the oven for another 15 minutes with the oven off to rest and caramalise all the better

Rosehips are currently dotting the hedgerows…so go gather

Sunday Happiness

Fly Agaric

Today is one of the last days of October but it was so warm you would have mistaken it for a summers day……and my highlight showing a six year old in bumble-bee welly boots ( complete with antennae) her first ever fairy tale mushroom.

It was an chance meeting , I have lead a couple of groups now and it can get a bit disheartening having people grab things and ask “Is this edible ….?” and then throw it away …… but this was pure delight.

Field Mushrooms

Gathered Parasol MushroomsShaggy Ink Cap TrailInk Caps and Field MushroomsParasol Mushrooms

Picking shrooms in fields is fun they are so beautiful nestling amongst the grass you walk right past them sometimes …. prefering as they do to grow on cow pats and next to big thistles and . But once you spot one …….. loving to grow in groups you can quickly harvest a lot …they also amuse when they are getting to the end of their life

Last weekend was a lot about the” field mushrooms” with large scores of ink caps, and parasol mushrooms , but don’t pick them when they begin to turn
Dreadlocked Shaggy Ink Cap

Using up the mushrooms that got squished at the bottom of my backpack … I know grey food v.unappetising but tasted good… parasol mushroom and shaggy ink cap two hours from field to mouth

Field Mushroom Soup

Parasol and Shaggy Ink Cap Soup

Lightly fry the mushrooms with onion and garlic , season with salt and pepper add a a little water and simmer . Liquidize & finally add milk or cream to the consistency you favour

Roast Chicken with Wild Mushroom Stuffing

Another way to use slightly past their best mushrooms is in stuffing where they lend a real richness to any gravy this was my version of deconstructed stuffing , big chunks of carrot, onions, celery, parasol mushrooms, fennel leaves and some walnuts dash of cider vinegar round the chicken ..roasted as usual with foil over and last 20 minutes foil off …. using up a lot of veg thats hanging around around .

You can take the stuffing out the the roastChicken with the stuffing outside

Mushrooms on Toast is a classic here two versions ,the first is simple Sliced baby ink caps fried in butter on grilled toast

Baby Ink Caps in ToastParasol Mushrooms Trifolati

The second is wild version of Mushrooms Trifolati Lightly fry garlic and add sliced Parasol Mushrooms cook , remove and add chopped flat parsley sliced roasted red pepper and anchovy fillets and squeeze of lemon juice and black pepper . Serve on toast with a drizzle of olive oil .

Enjoy the field mushrooms…

Weekend Wet Walking and Apples

There are lots of apple trees here in the West Country because we make a lot of cider .. most are in orchards though and thus untouchable .Unless you go in for a touch of scrumping. Which being a well brough up young lady I would never consider…well maybe after a couple of pints of cider

However this little apple tree was all on its own and so fair game to make a little tart

Lonely Apple TreeScrumped Cooking ApplesApple Tart with Rosehip Syrup

Rosehip and Apple Tart

Roll out ready made puff pastry , with apple slices drizzled with rosehip syrup and baked at 220 deg C for 20 minutes

Rosehip Syrup

500 g of rosehips
200 g of sugar
1.5 litres of water.
Chop rosehips finely and put into 1 litre of boiling water. Bring back to the boil. Remove from heat and let infuse for 15mins. Finely strain the rosehips till the bulk of the liquid has been collected. Return the pulp to the saucepan with the remaining water. Re-boil and infuse again for 10mins and then strain again. Pour the juice into a clean saucepan and simmer until the right consistency and then add the sugar, boil for 5 mins and then bottle.

Also this weekend wild crab apples too they are a little sour but you can gather then

Gathering Hawthorn and Crab Apples.Crab Apple and Hawthorn Cheese

Crab Apple and Hawthorne Cheese

Chop Crab Apples , place in pan of water with approx half the same amount of hawthorn berries . Cover with boiling water and bring back to the boil simmer until the apple has mushed. Sieve into a a clean pan and bring back to the boil add a dash of cinamon , crushed cloves and a dash of nutmeg.

Add an equal volume granulated sugar to the volume of puree. Boil until it begun to thicken and set . Place in preserving jars Good with cheese pork game …..but also good with ice cream and apples made good cider too

Thatchers Extra Dry Cider

Hedgehog Fungus and Squash Risotto

Hedgehog Fungus and Squash RisottoHedgehog Fungus

Hedghog Fungus (Hydnum repandum ) grows deciduous or coniferous woods. Season late summer to late autumn. recognised the by having spines growing down rather than gills, colour varies from white to salmon pink

Incredibly tasty and often found in large amounds , plese be careful to cut this at the stem so as not to damaage the the underlying mycelium , so it will grow back next year . Return to the same spot and you can harvest again .

Hedgehog Fungus Risotto

200 g hedgehog fungus
1 small orange squash/pumpkin ( from Riverford Veggie Box)
6 cloves of garlic
3 cups of arborio rice
knob of butter
Fresh Thyme
Olive Oil

1. slice squash and roast with garlic , olive oil thyme and pine nuts at 180deg for about 20 mins
2.chop hedgehog fungus into cubes pour over a pint of hot water leave to soak
3.Once the squash is soft and cooked
4. take out three garlic cloves from oven tray, chop garlic fry in olive oil, toss in the arborio rice , coat rish in oil mash in a few pieces of squash to give an organgey colour.
5. add the mushrooms slowly add the water from the mushroom ( this will act as a flavoursome stock)
6. chop squash into cubes… once the all the water is absorbed and rice is cooked ( though I like it with some bite) stir in squash and a tsp of butter.
7.sprinkle over fresh thyme and serve

Chopped Hedghog Fungus

Sunday Forage – Dryads Saddle & Amethyst Deceivers

Dryads Saddle Strips ( Fungus Calimari)Dryads Saddle (Polyporus squamosus)




Dryads Saddle Calimari

Batter recipe 1 cup of flour 1 cup of beer 1/2 cup of milk Teaspoon of Paprika 1 eggWhisk it all together
Cut mushroom into strips and roll in a little flour
dip strips in batter mixture
Deep dry in sunflower oil (I used some that has dried chillis soaking in it for that extra zing

Amethyst Deceiver Salad
Amethyst Deceiver Mushroom SaladAmethyst Deceiver

Amethyst Deceiver mushrooms with , french beans, spinach, potato in a warm balsamic vinagrette ( balsamic vinegar, olive oil garlic & honey )

Amethyst Deceiver Sushi

Amethyst Deceiver Sushiamethyst deceiver

Thought I would try making sushi with these amethyst deceiver shrooms since the colours seemed delicately suited to sushi mushrooms… was my first time making sushi…. bit of a kick before evening class. also inside black sesame seeds ,wasabi , pickled ginger , cucumber .
All from this forage click on the image to visit the original with rollover id

Sunday Forage

Conference Time … Croissants at Dawn

Prof Andre Tylee said my name on stage have arrived ha ha ha ….. choice, strengthen commission to outcome indicators , prospective payment system , improvement in quality and capacity , whole systems , managing uncertainty , cinderella service , manages clinical risk , no discharge in primary care , somatisation , comorbidity ….. gotta love the NHS

It was lovely to catch up with people and it felt like a good ending of a piece of work actually one of the most optimistic conferences I have had and I networked my ass off

Feminine Foraging

…… all the Sunday supplements are going nuts for foraging …. foraging and walking have been fantastic therapy in post relationship breakdown but as a single girly wandering the countryside I thought I would share some of the things I have learned…..

buy a good wildlife flora/fauna guide and keep it in the toilet for thumbing through…. stuff will stick in your head and its really satisfying to be out and recognise wildflowers in the summer… and later on to be able to safely forage

take a digital camera and spare batteries…. & wear a ring … not for warding off the unwanted attentions of men…. it sounds funny but if you take a picture with a ring in it on your hand you can get a good idea of scale of plants for later id . You can use sites like Flickr to post pictures of your find or ask for help identifying

forage in bright red trench coat even when wandering foolishly across fields and hunting woods I can pull the lost girly angle and avoid being shot…and that bulls going for red items in my experience not true….in summer don’t be tempted not to cover up you will burn on a long walk even in shady woods

wear sunglasses as eye protection from thorns and brambles sloe spikes and branches swung in your face…

carry a small backpack with several plastic bags inside it …. you may not want to mix fungi with berries and also some berries are a little squidey and may leak through backpacks onto you clothes… if you find tonnes of stuff you can tie the bags onto the backpack but its awful lugging a huge empty backpack round with you

always carry a disposable coffee cup or two great for holding fragile mushrooms or berries in the back pack … if they have lids even better …..it also good recycling when the rail companies force you to use their cups on train rather than refilling the environmentally friendly insulated mug you present them with ….

always say hello to people and chat to them , people love showing their kids what you are doing and you can learn a lot from other people mostly people apologising for their dogs bothering you ( bothering me huh I am usually busy running dogs ears through my hands) … its kind of the one time as a single girl it feels safe to chat with people in public…

carry a large bottle of water and drink plenty…. and don’t be embarassed about peeing behind a large tree its better to be caught with your pants down than pass out in the woods from dehydration..also a seed mix currently shown here

maps I don’t know I keep trying but they worry me more than they help … I panic I am not on the right route and look at the map more than the path but I keep trying…I like to get a general idea before hand and go for it.

ask directions ( see no make macho not asking directions when lost ) …… that said I can’t follow directions but have no fear asking for them … its dyslexia I genuinely don’t know my right from my left.

take a book if you find a good spot sit and have a read in the sunshine…life is too short to rush through …

cook with your finds share with your freinds and family the internet provide wealth of hints and tips just a google away.

finally don’t limit your foraging to the countryside I live right in the town and have happily picked plenty in the city centre blackberries , elderberries, rosehips the odd bracket fungus