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Foodblogging Event London 2008 – Part One

I have just indulged in a truly bizarre experience  on Monday I opened my email to find a last minute invitation from Nokia to participate in a 2 day workshop for international food bloggers in London . With an itinerary  featuring London  restaurants and a tour of Borough Market,  I confess the true draw was the chance to spend time with people as  as obsessed with food and food blogging as I am . My boyfriend is consummately understanding waiting patiently as his dinner cools and happily explaineing to worried restaurant owners and deli managers I am just a strange obsessive. However some of these people follow my compulsion for professional reasons and it was too good an opportunity to pass off     I begged two days off work ( thank you thank you ) and packed my bag & camera .

Foodbloggers and their tools

Meeting  in the morning we introduced ourselves to eachother and our new Nokia 95s most people had had theirs to play with a few days so were more competent I was moe gobsmacked to be surrounded by other people who were busy taking pictures of the muffins on the table , they were

Laollasuiza  a Swiss writing from Spain   http://laollasuiza.blogspot.com/  and http://kochtopf.twoday.net/
Mercotte  from France the queen of macaroons  
Just Hungry from Switzerland
a english language food blog about  Japanese food    http://www.justhungry.com/
Milsabores from Venezuela la
Maria Luisa Rios with a spanish language blog    http://www.milsabores.net/
Cooking Diva from Panama another spanish language blog        http://CookingDiva.net
Cavoletto Bruxelles , a  belgian living in Rome , Italy   http://www.cavolettodibruxelles.it

We all discussed the joy of blogging about food , recipes and how we all got started. How anonmyous we like to keep our blogs ,then there was a little geekery around tools mac VS pc , SLR etc . I think we all agreed that the new technology will really help , certainly it might be less embarassing getting out my mobile phone to take a picture of dinner in a restaurant ( and will satistfy the perfectionist in my because 5mp is definitely high enough quality for the blog ) the GPS on the phone should help with tagging the locations of those edible fungi ( which with my bizarre sense of direction will be a massive help ) . I am going to do a lot of comparisons over the next few months so may let readers be the judge .

However this is a  food blog so back to the food Lunch at The Larder which has a seasonal menu had swordfish with anchovy butter purple sprouting broccoli and new for the venezuealn bloggers Jeurusalem Artichokes a big hit across the language barrier. I am going to try and send some seeds and see how they do in foreign climates. Totally lovely and relaxed atmosphere

The LarderSwordfish with Anchovy Butter and Roasted Jerusalen Artichokes

After lunch we were thorough tested in our culinary knowledge by Sudi “The Foodie ” Piggott with a food quiz, who taught me a scary number of inane facts I can drop into daily conversation/ this blog  for example the people who built the pyramids ate rich diet of watercress ( just like me and my wild foraging )

Joe Warwick Restaurant gossip columnist for the Independent gave us a  fantastic insight guide to London restaurants probably a number worth keeping in my phone .

In the evening we all met again for a lovely dinner at Northbank  right by the Millenium Bridge

Warm Salad of Guinea Fowl and FigSalmon with Fennel and Chive Salad

I had a warm salad of Guinea Fowl and Figs again much joy trying to explain what a Guinea Fowl was but could show this recipe from my blog on my phone … such geekery, afterwards Salmon with Fennel and Chive Salad , lovely and light since dare I say it I was beggining to get fooded out !

Back to the hotel and more later on Borough Market and Roast …… or as it shall henceforth be known heaven………..

More at  Girl Interrupted Eating Gets Mobile

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7 Responses

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  2. Hihhi…I am not from Switzerland, but from France !!!
    and my blog is “la cuisine de mercotte : http://www.mercotte.fr !!! Anyway it was a pleasure to meet you and to spend these days together !!

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  4. Hola there…greetings from Panama! loved your photos!


  5. Wow! As a geek and a foodblogger, what can I say! I am jealous.

  6. OK, how come I never get invited to anything like this? I am SOOOO jealous!

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