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    Becky a 29 year old Brit , living in Bristol , United Kingdom

    Living in a studio flat in the centre of the city and working from home means I have one room in which I rest ,work and play . Kept company by my vegebox , laptop and a stack of recipe books . I love to cook with seasonal fresh and sometimes wild ingredients from my escapes to the countryside

    If you like what you see , have some suggestions please send me an email at girlinterruptedeating@gmail.com or leave a comment on my blog
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Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year 2008

1. Wild Garlic and Chicken Soup, 2. Coarse Pork Terrine, 3. Spinach and Wild Garlic Pesto Soup, 4. Rosehip Syrup Cakes, 5. Lime Tart, 6. Salmon with Garlic and Dill Aoili, 7. Fennel ,Pancetta, Walnut and Goats Cheese Salad, 8. Rhubarb Tart with Elderflower Cream, 9. Cauliflower and Toasted Walnut Soup, 10. Wild Garlic Pesto, 11. Watercress , Roasted Butternut Squash , Stilton and Walnut Salad, 12. Rabbit with Spring Vegetables, 13. Smoked Salmon and Beetroot Salad, 14. Smoked Mackerel Pate, 15. Chargrilled Vegetable Kebab, 16. Tomato Tart, 17. Stawberry Frangipane, 18. Pear Tart, 19. Pomegranate Jewel Cake, 20. Cabbage Rolls, 21. Not quite Nicoise Salad, 22. Lamb and Cauliflower Salad, 23. Borscht, 24. Kohlrabi and Mackerel Salad, 25. Seared Salmon & Pea Puree, 26. Its spring chicken, 27. Green Tea and Cardamom Madeleines, 28. Lentil and Parsley Soup with crispy Pancetta, 29. Butternut Squash and Leek Quiche, 30. Banana and Rum Cake

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Its a very busy year cooking wise if you want to see all the food from 2007 is available in my set on Flickr

I am immensely proud of my growth this year in photographing the food that I cook , Flickr has been a wonderful source of inspiration and this blog has given me the chance to talk about the food I love .

Thank you to everyone who has viewed my blog in 2007 and I promise it will get even better in 2008 where my New Years Resolutions include trying even more new foods, being more personal , better spelling and grammar ( I am dyslexic , but I do try, ) , more pictures assisted by the brilliant Christmas gift of a Joby Gorillapod a tiny lightweight tripod, which should make it even easier for me to take pictures and may even mean the lovely boyfriend gets hot food.

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Camping again … surely not

So three weekends in a row under canvas and three national parks

This time Snowdonia ..my first visit and it did not disappoint glorious hills almost totally deserted for some quality walking , lunches in heather and bracken swept hills

Lunch in Heather

Eating Sunday Lunch

Since its traditional nowadays in the UK to have a curry on a saturday night .and standards must be upheld even on a campsite in the middle of nowhere . However I confess that when camping I get a bit lazy this is simply aubergine and mushrooms fried off with a curry paste which contains all the spices in a healthy dose of oil , throw over tin of tomatoes and a little freshly chopped chilli .Simmer for twenty minutes and throw in handfuls of fresh coriander . Perfect with some toasted pitta bread once the sun has gone down… oh and a healthy couple of glasses of red wine

Indian Snacking

Aubergine and Mushroom Curry

Not sure anyone would have been up for mushrooms made with any finds found this weekend only large numbers of the Sickener ( Russula emetica ) shown below which as its name suggests will cause some pretty violent vomiting . Cannot wait for the autumn to start for a little wild cooking and who knows maybe some wild camping

Russula emetica

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Camping it up – Chilli and Pasta

We have been trying to get out camping for weeks now things kept cropping up and the weather was dire, so the tent had stayed packed up . Finally this weekend we hit the Peak District with the car loaded to groaning point don’t do things by half and to be honest food takes up a pretty big proportion ( oh and bottles of wine ) .

From the beer and watermelon after putting the tent up

Watermelon and Beer

Plenty of nibbles to see you through the evenings
Camping Snacks

There is always a lovely atmosphere as the sun goes down and lights come on around the campsite , gentle murmuring sounds , it pretty in August but the chilli was still welcoming

Nighttime Chilli

However the chickens attempting to eat up leftovers did wake us up nice and early in the morning to a beautful sunrise

Chicken or vacuum cleaner

So we had first and second breakfasts ( to sustain us through a long day hike)

Bacon and Egg Rolls

The second night Nick cooked up some tasty pasta with sausage and thyme sauce

Sausage and Thyme Sauce

Sausage and Thyme Pasta


Cooking and Camping…..

Camping Essentials - Le creuset and Warming Red Wine

The first camping trip of the year…. reminded me that for camping a Le Crueset is just a dream ( I am of course referring to camping on a site , not suggesting anyone is going to lug a cast iron pot around in a backpack )

Spicey Sausage Pasta

Chillis and currys can be made on a camping stove a night before required, leaving the food in the pot overnight gives it tenderness and the flavour diffuses throughout . Warming it through after a long days walking is a dream

Camping Breakfast

Otherwise a good sized saucepan for cooking hearty breakfasts I have a fantastic camping stove , with two rings it is powered by unleaded petrol no need to track down pesky gas canisters and its very economical.

Camping Nibbles

I like to fill up the tiffin carrier with tasty bits like parma ham , cheese and pate as well as having a large jar of sundried tomatoes and olives, these make great snacking material with some red wine in the evening and fillings for sandwiches for day packs.

Rolls in the woods

Rolls at the top of the peak