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    Becky a 29 year old Brit , living in Bristol , United Kingdom

    Living in a studio flat in the centre of the city and working from home means I have one room in which I rest ,work and play . Kept company by my vegebox , laptop and a stack of recipe books . I love to cook with seasonal fresh and sometimes wild ingredients from my escapes to the countryside

    If you like what you see , have some suggestions please send me an email at girlinterruptedeating@gmail.com or leave a comment on my blog
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Leeks in Vinaigrette with breadcrumbs and bacon

Leeks in vinagrette with breacrumbs and bacon

Lots of leeks in the vegebox today wanted something warming but
light for lunch, the leeks are a lovely carrier of the vinagrette with
the breadcrumbs and bacon adding a salty crunch . This would work
nicely with crumbly goats cheese

Leeks in Vinaigrette with breadcrumbs and bacon

Vinaigrette – made 2 parts vinegar 1 part dijon mustard 1 part honey
Toasted breadcrumbs toast bread and finely chop
Bacon – grilled and finely chopped

  1. Thinly slice leek and steam or boil until softened
  2. toss the leeks while warm in vinagrette
  3. top with breadcrumbs and bacon

Mediterranean Lamb Stew

Mediterranean Lamb Stew

Slow baked Lamb

Half a Shoulder of Lamb
1 Bulb of Garlic roughly chopped
3 Medium Sized Onions roughly chopped
3/4 of a bottle of red wine
Salt and pepper to season

Place the shoulder of lamb in a cast iron pan
Add the garlic onions and red wine don’t worry if it doesn’t cover the meat
Bake with the lid on a 180degc for one and a half hours
Leave to cool in the oven overnight

This produces about 6 portions of lamb which you can free or make into the following dishes

Mediterranean Lamb Stew

This version adds to each  portion of lamb and stew sauce

  • 3 cups of tomatoes 
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1 cup of orzo
  • 2 tbsp of whole black olives
  • dried thyme
  • salt and pepper .

These should be simmered together for 15 minutes until the orzo if al-dente .  I am a recent convert of orzo at the moment it adds a nice  bite to stews like lentils , a little starchiness leaches from the pasta thickening the sauce


Stuffed Hearts – the other Valentines Meat

Stuffed Hearts

For a minute I considered doing these for Valentines Day but instead waited for a Saturday night in .

Two hearts each is enough, these do really taste pretty luxurious the taste we agreed is between liver and game , the texture meaty not fleshy and not granular as I would have expected think the stuffing could have just about anything mushrooms , walnuts etc , I wil definitely be making hearts again .

Stuffing for Hearts

Stuffed Lambs Hearts

6 lambs hearts

Breadcrumbs – 100gs
fresh Thyme – 2 sprigs
2 medium Onions – finely chopped
Garlic – 3 bulbs, finely chopped
Bacon – 2 rashers
Salt and Pepper

red wine – half a bottle

  1. Preheat the oven to 150degC
  2. Trim the hearts , removing the tubes from the top and and inside
  3. Food process the stuffing ingredients
  4. Stuff the heart well , place in a oven proof dish with the opening to the top
  5. Pour over the wine , cover
  6. Place in the oven a slowly cook for 2 hours , or you could cook on the hob if you have a thick bottomed dish
  7. you want this to cook very slowly
  8. Served with butter beans added to the dish during cooking and wilted spinach

Stuffed Heart with butter beans and wilted spinach

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Valentines Dinner

This was the Valentines Dinner I had planned to be light and a lot prepared in advance but with some lovely colours bit risky as I had never made any of these things before  . Quite successully secreted alcohol in both the salmon and the pudding .

Salmon cured in vodka and beetroot served with rocket and walnut with horseradish frais
Lamb Sweetbreads with Pomegranate and Spinach
Champagne Jelly

I will definitely make the salmon it cured perfectly beetrooty throughout and a good way to use a small amount of beetroot , I don’t drink vodka but in this dish it was just a tiny wisp as you ate the salmon which went perfectly with salad and frais  . This recipe came  from a few around for Beetroot Cured Salmon and raddichio Salad
and Vodka-marinated Salmon with Beetroot Salad

Salmon cured in vodka and beetroot served with rocket and walnut with horseradish frais

Salmon cured in vodka and beetroot served with rocket and walnut with horseradish frais

Salmon Cured in Vodka and Beetroot
fresh salmon  – 200g thats two salmon fillets
raw beetroot – two small
sea salt 50g
brown sugar 50g
1/2 tsp peppercorns, crushed
vodka 100ml

Prepare the salmon in advance it should cured for 24hours minimum , this was perfect after 48hours
grate the beetroot and mix  the other ingredients
cover the salmon in the marinade and refridgerate
to serve discard the marinade & thinly slice the salmon and serve with the rocket and walnut salad and horseradish frais

Marinading Salmon in Vodka and BeetrootSliced Salmon Marinated in Vodka and Beetroot

Horseradish Frais

fromage frais 100ml
horseradish cream 2 heaped tablespoons

Mix togehter the fromage frais and horseradish

Rocket and Walnut Salad

fresh rocket – 2 large handfuls
crushed walnuts 2 tbsp
olive oil 2 tbsp
fresh lemon juice – 2 tbsps

  1. Toast the walnuts in a warmed frying pan for 2 minutes shaking well.
  2. dress the rocket with the olive oil and lemon juice
  3. toss the walnuts over the salad

Lamb Sweetbreads with Pomegranate and Spinach

The sweetbreads came from Alternative Meats a lovely company who have delivered a whole parcel of delicious offal to my freezer . Sweetbreads are the thymus gland of a lamb , these had already been soaked to remove blood and were delivered to me frozen , requiring only gentle simmering before frying. Next time I will give them something more full bodied to work with some mushrooms and thyme .

Lamb Sweetbreads with Pomegranate and Spinach

Lamb Sweetbreads with Pomegranate and Spinach

lamb sweetbreads – 400g 
pomegranate seeds – 1 large pomegrante
fresh spinach – 3 large handfuls
pomegranate molasses – 2tsps
balsamic vinegar – 2tbsp

  1. Season a little boiling water with salt and pepper
  2. add the sweetbreads and simmer for a few minutes
  3. remove and leave to cool
  4. once cool the sweetbreads can be sliced in a half , and fried in browned butter ( that is butter heated until it has begun to turn brown )  til golden
  5. serve with the spinach dressed with the pomegranate mollasses and tossed with the pomegranate sees

Champagne Jelly

This is a Delia Smith recipe I have tweaked its
a dish my mum regularly serves for Christmas dinner pudding an air of
decandance but light . The bubbles in the cava fizz pleasantly on your
tongue when eaten and it means you have nearly half a bottle of cava to polish off.

Champagne Jelly

Champagne Jelly

For two large wine glasses

water 1/2 pint
cava 1/2 pint
lemon  – 1 medium
caster sugar – 25g
 powdered gelatine 2 x 0.4 oz packets (5 g)

  1. Pour the  water into a  large saucepan
  2. Pare the yellow zest from the lemon and add to the pan with the sugar
  3. Bring the pan to the boil remove from the heat
  4. Sprinkle in the gelatine whisking the mixture with a balloon whisk
  5. Continue stiring till all the gelatine is dissolved
  6. Add the lemon juice and strain through a seive to remove the zest
  7. Leave to cool for one hour
  8. Finally stir in the cava and place in wine glasses or bowls
  9. This should be left refridgerated for at least 12 hours .
  10. you can serve with a little whipped cream

Valentine Lanterns

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Guinea Fowl with smoked sausage and butter beans

Guinea Fowl with smoked sausage and butter beans

There has been a Guinea Fowl in freezer for a few weeks now bought is a flurry of shopping and intimidating me ever since , game does that too me

Native to West Africa, the guinea fowl has graced British kitchens for hundreds of years. The flavour is similar to that of chicken but it has a hint of gaminess. When roasting, the bird needs to be basted or it can dry out so casseroling is a perfect cooking method for guinea fowl as the slow cooking in liquid ensures sweet and tender meat in a flavoursome sauce . I was inspired by a recipe by Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall in the Guardian for a for Pheasant with chorizo and butter beans

No chorizo around but we do have some Smoked Penrith Pepperpot Sausage from the Old Smokehouse ( part of a gift basket from my mum ) . This is a smokey garlic sausage more like the continental toulouse sausages with a firm texture and doesn’t dissolve on cooking .

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of meat on the Guinea Fowl when cooked, it has also stayed deliciously moist not requiring any carving it simply fell apart . The butter beans are just below dissolving point contributing body to the rich tasty sauce that should be mopped up with crusty french bread

Guinea Fowl with Smoked Sausage and Butter Beans

A Guinea Fowl
2 smoked sausages ( about 150g) roughly chopped
2 medium onions roughly chopped
6 cloves of garlic roughly chopped
Half a bottle of red wine
Half a bottle of white
500g of butter beans ( tinned or dried and soaked)
1tsp of paprika
1 tsp of mixed dried herbs
Handful of fresh parsley

  1. Preheat the oven to 200degC
  2. In a pan gently soften the onions and garlic , remove from the pan and place in a cast iron pot.
  3. Place the guinea fowl whole in a pan with the smoked sausage turn sloely allowing all side of the Guinea Fowl to brown
  4. Add the sausage and guinea fowl to the cast iron pot with the onions and garlic.
  5. Pour over the red and white wine , bring the pot to the boil
  6. Add the butter beans , dried herbs & paprika
  7. Cover the pot and place in the oven for an hour
  8. To serve remove the guinea fowl a cut into portions it literally falls apart , pout over the butter bean and sausage sauce
  9. Scatter with fresh parsley and serve with crusty french bread to soak up the tasty juices

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Faggots with Dark Ale & Onion Gravy

Faggots in Dark Ale Gravy

A morning visit to Bristols Slow Food Market held on the first Sunday of each month the source of much inspiration . This Sunday , heaps of faggots from Brown Cow Organics .

Faggots from Brown Cow Organics

Two for £1.50 and as big as tennis balls , faggots are traditionally made from pig heart, liver and fatty belly meat or bacon minced together, with herbs added for flavouring and sometimes breadcrumbs, wrapped round with caul a membrane from the pig’s abdomen. Probably not for the squeamish these tasted fantastic deliciously seasoned herbs and nutmeg.


Faggots are traditionally served with a gravy , the guy on the stall gave me a recipe which involved the faggots and gravy cooked separately , I wanted the faggots and gravy simmered together .This produced a rich tasty gravy soaked up by a pile of mashed potatoes and some purple sprouting broccoli also fresh from the market.

Faggots with Dark Ale and Onion Gravy

6 large faggots
500ml of dark ale
2 medium onions roughly chopped
4 cloves of garlic finely chopped
1 tbsp of sugar
1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar
1 tsp of beef concentrate
1 tbsp of plain flour

  1. Place the faggots in a cast iron pan on a gentle heat ,turn regularly to allow the faggots to seal but not brown in the heat. Cover the pan and place in the oven at 190degC
  2. In a saucepan gently brown the onions and garlic
  3. Pour over the dark ale , beef concentrate , vinegar & sugar
  4. Whisk in the flour , this should thicken the gravy slightly
  5. Pour the gravy over the faggots , cover again and return to the oven for 25 minutes

Sunday Shepherds Pie

Shepherds Pie

A nice alternative to a Sunday roast is a tasty pie its a good thing to heat through after a long walk and can be made entirely in advance .If I can’t make it out walking on a Sunday lazing around with books and papers comes a close second .

Shepherds Pie does ever so slightly remind me of school dinners , the peas and carrots in the filling probably hark back to that but I like the pop of a pea in my mouth .However with the addition of red wine and plenty of garlic its a pretty sophisticated dish .

Shepherds Pie

Shepherds Pie

Pie Filling

400g of lean lamb mince
1 large red onion finely chopped
100g of frozen peas
100g of fresh carrots , diced
5 cloves of garlic
300 ml of red wine
Dash of Worcestershire sauce
Handful of fresh thyme
Salt and Pepper

Potato topping

400g of maris piper potatoes
1tbsp of butter
Salt and Pepper to season


  1. Gently fry the lamb mince , onion,thyme, garlic ,carrots together, until the mince has browned
  2. Add the wine , peas and worcestershire sauce and simmer on a very low heat while you make the topping, this should ensure a tasty gravy
  3. Place the filling in a pie dish and prepare the topping
  4. Chop the potatoes , you can peel them , but with most thinly skinned potatoes its not necessary
  5. Boil the potatoes in a little salted water until soft
  6. Drain the potatoes add the butter and mash til smooth
  7. Spoon the mash over the pie filling and create a rough surface with a fork , this will mean you get some crunchy brown topping
  8. Bake at 180degC for 25 minutes, til the top is beggining to brown & some gravy will also begin to bubble up. Alternatively you could leave the dish now and heat it through at 180deg C same temperature for a longer amount of time 40 minutes

I am not sure this even requires vegetables with the peas and carrots inside , but had some nice cabbage around

Shepherds Pie

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Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year 2008

1. Wild Garlic and Chicken Soup, 2. Coarse Pork Terrine, 3. Spinach and Wild Garlic Pesto Soup, 4. Rosehip Syrup Cakes, 5. Lime Tart, 6. Salmon with Garlic and Dill Aoili, 7. Fennel ,Pancetta, Walnut and Goats Cheese Salad, 8. Rhubarb Tart with Elderflower Cream, 9. Cauliflower and Toasted Walnut Soup, 10. Wild Garlic Pesto, 11. Watercress , Roasted Butternut Squash , Stilton and Walnut Salad, 12. Rabbit with Spring Vegetables, 13. Smoked Salmon and Beetroot Salad, 14. Smoked Mackerel Pate, 15. Chargrilled Vegetable Kebab, 16. Tomato Tart, 17. Stawberry Frangipane, 18. Pear Tart, 19. Pomegranate Jewel Cake, 20. Cabbage Rolls, 21. Not quite Nicoise Salad, 22. Lamb and Cauliflower Salad, 23. Borscht, 24. Kohlrabi and Mackerel Salad, 25. Seared Salmon & Pea Puree, 26. Its spring chicken, 27. Green Tea and Cardamom Madeleines, 28. Lentil and Parsley Soup with crispy Pancetta, 29. Butternut Squash and Leek Quiche, 30. Banana and Rum Cake

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Its a very busy year cooking wise if you want to see all the food from 2007 is available in my set on Flickr

I am immensely proud of my growth this year in photographing the food that I cook , Flickr has been a wonderful source of inspiration and this blog has given me the chance to talk about the food I love .

Thank you to everyone who has viewed my blog in 2007 and I promise it will get even better in 2008 where my New Years Resolutions include trying even more new foods, being more personal , better spelling and grammar ( I am dyslexic , but I do try, ) , more pictures assisted by the brilliant Christmas gift of a Joby Gorillapod a tiny lightweight tripod, which should make it even easier for me to take pictures and may even mean the lovely boyfriend gets hot food.

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Sozzled Slow Roast Lamb

Lamb Stew and Baked Potato

There really are lots and lots of sheep in Wales , so you have to have lamb really just to eat your way through them

Always tempted to add tomatoes to my slow roast lamb but in Wales we had an excess of red wine so this is a kind of lamb au vin . It produces the sweetest stickiness sauce and the onions caramalise beatifully . This stew would be fantastic with mashed potatoes but during the holiday I rediscovered oven baked potatoes , curse anyone who
doesn’t eat the skin and potato as big as my fist cooked at 150deg in just 40 minutes with a skewer through the centre.

All of this cooked during a viscious rain storm when the only option was to sit in front of the fire reading , I was in heaven heaven heaven

Sozzled Slow Roast Lamb

One shoulder of lamb
One bottle of wine
1 pint of water
A few sprigs of rosemary
Fresh or dried thyme
Plenty of onions – sliced
2 bulbs of garlic – cloves peeled and crushed
Salt and Pepper
1 box of mushrooms whole

  1. Place everything in a large cast iron pot
  2. Cook in the oven on a low heat approx 150deg for 2 and a half hours
  3. Last 20 minutes add the mushrooms

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Christmas Leftovers

Very happy walking on Boxing Day with Turkey and Ham Sandwiches (using up the Spiced Ham ) just us and the sheep again ……

Boxing Day Sandwiches

Boxing Day WalkingMmmm I love Welsh Bogs

But lots of Turkey also means plenty of Turkey Soup , either Laksa which is zingy and spicey or a more Traditional Turkey and Vegetable soup , which make me feel all wholesome

Turkey Laksa

Turkey Laksa

For 200g of leftover turkey

3 nests of Dried Egg Noodles
3 Fresh Red Chilli
3 cloves of garlic
1 thumb of fresh Ginger
Bunch of Fresh Coriander
Bunch of Fresh Mint
3 cups of coconut milk
Fresh Lime

  1. Pour boiling water to cover the dried egg noodles
  2. Finely chop or food process the red chilli , ginger , the roots of the fresh coriander ( leaving the leaves aside) , mint leaves
  3. Add the turkey to the chilli ginger and herb paste, fry off in a little sunflower oil.
  4. Pour over the noodles and simmer for a few minutes
  5. Add the coconut milk , serve the soup into bowl scatter with coriander leaves and a squirt of lime juice.

Leftover Turkey Soup

Turkey Soup

Very similar to the Soup for the Wettest Walk in the World but when you have a good thing why mess with it

  1. Add to leoftover turkey roughly chopuped vegetables onions , carrots , leeks , potatoes , garlic , place in pan with your choice of herbs , or you could throw in the stuffing . You could also you the leftover vegetables from Christmas Day
  2. Season with plenty of salt and pepper
  3. Pour over boiling water and allow to simmer for 20 minutes. The soup will be ready but could be even better if you leave it with the lid on for a while to steep.

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